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Keswick Consulting: A customized blueprint coupled with tireless, INTELLIGENT advocacy.


Keswick Consulting: Over 25 years of experience in state government & politics.

When determining how to successfully engage with state and local government, two critical elements you must consider are: having a solid strategic plan; and gaining exposure to the appropriate decision-makers. If your organization can establish these essential underpinnings, your chances for success are greatly enhanced.

At Keswick Consulting, we have over 25 years of experience in state government and politics. We can offer you a roadmap that will allow you to navigate the often bewildering maze of government – and we can make sure the right people are hearing your message. We will provide you with strategic assistance with elected officials, their staffs and other senior Commonwealth appointees to further your goals and objectives.

In addition to Massachusetts and surrounding states, Keswick Consulting has outstanding relationships with government officials and business leaders throughout Canada. We have spearheaded dozens of trade missions originating from various Canadian provinces to New England – and introduced our friends to the North to key government and industry players in the Bay State and beyond.

Keswick Consulting brings uncommon passion, smarts and follow-through to the table. If your organization needs help clearing a governmental hurdle, or if you are looking to expand your customer base, we can provide you with the resources, contacts and energy necessary to achieve success.











Matt Keswick, President

Matt Keswick is the President of Keswick Consulting, a Boston-based government relations and business development firm dedicated to helping organizations achieve maximum results when pursuing public policy objectives.

Prior to founding Keswick Consulting, Matt worked for three Massachusetts Governors, where he held several high-ranking personnel and policy positions. As Deputy Chief Secretary, he was responsible for overseeing more than 2,500 political appointments to several hundred boards and commissions, including many regulatory authorities. As a result, Matt forged many strong business and political relationships that endure to this day.

In his capacity as Assistant Chief of Staff, Matt was designated as a key administration liaison to the federal government, which included oversight of the Commonwealth's Office of Federal Relations in Washington, DC; he also served as designee to the National Governors Association and the New England Governors Conference / Eastern Canadian Premiers.

In addition to representing clients at all levels of government, Matt is strategically aligned with CanAm Strategies, a Boston and Montreal-based government relations and business development firm. Matt works in partnership with CanAm to further develop business and political relationships between entities in the United States and Canada.

Since departing state service, Matt has been active on dozens of political and philanthropic campaigns; his fundraising prowess has translated into millions of dollars raised for the various finance committees on which he has served.

Matt is a member of the Board of Trustees at Cardinal Spellman High School and the Board of Diesel Direct, as well as a past member of the Board of Trustees at Bridgewater State University and the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority. Matt is an alumnus of Boston College where he is an active member of their alumni association. He and his wife, Christy, reside in Milton with their son, Anderson.


Rita joined Keswick Consulting in 2019, where she provides operations and logistical support for the team. Prior to joining Keswick, Rita worked for both international and domestic “C” Level Executives providing fiscal, project and operations management. She is a consummate professional and a strong team collaborator with high degree of personal integrity. Her role includes client advocacy and business communications.

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