Crossroads for Kids, Inc. is a Massachusetts youth and teen development program that serves under-resourced youth through a multi-year, multi-faceted approach to mentoring. Crossroads has proved to be life changing by empowering youth to be independent adults and engaged community members.

For years, Crossroads had worked to develop a powerful, enriching program that deeply impacted the lives of campers and their families. Like many similar programs, Crossroads relies on community and funding partners to facilitate its programs.  The problem?  Crossroads lacked meaningful relationships with elected and appointed officials on Beacon Hill, leaving it difficult for them to demonstrate the power of their program or to garner state funding.


Keswick Consulting worked with Crossroads to build a compelling narrative around the meaningful work they had accomplished throughout the years.  Their narrative demonstrated not only a crucial need for access to state funds, but also the benefit to families throughout Massachusetts. Utilizing experience and trust built over decades of working within state channels and a deep understanding of the budget-making process, Keswick Consulting sought out allies within its vast network to advocate on behalf of Crossroads youth. 


For the last several years, due to pro bono work, Keswick Consulting was able to secure vital funds for Crossroads programs as part of the State Budget. While the provision for Crossroads was vetoed by the Governor as inconsistent with other recommendations, Keswick Consulting’s outreach proved fruitful as the legislature reinstated Crossroad’s funding in the final Massachusetts budget.

Crossroads received its much needed state funding, and continues to serve at-risk Massachusetts youth with distinction. The program’s dedication to youth is unwavering, as is Keswick Consulting’s dedication to its clients.