HUB Technical Services, LLC is a Boston-based IT services and hardware provider seeking to expand its market share throughout New England. A value-added reseller, HUB was selected as an approved IT vendor with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but had yet to fully-realize its potential despite this advantageous position. Determined to expand its business footprint in Massachusetts state government, HUB engaged with Keswick Consulting to help make this important goal a reality.


On HUB’s behalf, Keswick Consulting researched sales opportunities, developed a marketing strategy to promote the HUB brand, advocated with key decision-makers, and fostered relationships with IT Directors and Chief Information Officers throughout the Commonwealth. Along the way, Keswick Consulting compiled a database of state and municipal technology executives and arranged one-on-one meetings with each individual to enhance HUB’s customer base. 


HUB Technical is now a leading value-added reseller in Massachusetts state government. In addition, they provide technology infrastructure and services for over 150 municipalities and school districts – HUB is widely recognized as one of the most dependable and knowledgeable IT partners in New England. Seven years after the extremely productive alliance between Keswick Consulting and HUB was established, the relationship continues to prosper and endure to this day.