Finny Kuruvilla, MD, was passionate about his vision to open a private liberal arts school in Massachusetts. He envisioned Sattler College as an institution to promote academic excellence and critical thinking while simultaneously encouraging students to tackle some of the great problems today under a lens of an education grounded in the historic Christian faith. A talented medical doctor and investor, Dr. Kuruvilla had laid the groundwork for a comprehensive curriculum and beautiful campus overlooking the Boston Harbor.  The concept was radical. Dr Kuruvilla’s school had no traditional campus and would offer a first-class education for only $9,000 each year. The problem? The Commonwealth of Massachusetts had not offered degree-granting authority to a new institution in over two decades.


Keswick Consulting created and implemented a strategy to provide Sattler College with a roadmap towards obtaining degree granting authority.  Keswick Consulting leveraged its relationships with education stakeholders at the Executive Office of Education, Governor’s Office and Massachusetts Board of Higher Education to give Dr. Kuruvilla an opportunity to share his vision and credentials.


In December 2016, the Board of Higher Education approved Sattler College to award a Bachelor of Science in: Business, Computer Science, and Human Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Biblical and Religious Studies.